Overloaded and Underprepared

Denise Pope 2015
Read: 2015
Education/Leadership, Non-Fiction

This book has become a very important book in our district.  Written by a group of Stanford University School of Education leaders, and former teachers, it talks about the fact that the stress level of our students is extraordinary, and we’re often overloading them with the wrong things. The blame is placed in lots of places: the students themselves, parents, teachers, colleges, and more. The writers have started a group at Stanford called Challenge-Success. Its organization invites high schools to send in teams of teachers, counselors, parents, and administrators to develop plans for how schools can become more healthy places for students in their quest for education and a bright future. Manhattan Beach is sending a group from Mira Costa High School up to Challenge-Success this October. We look forward to coming back with more ideas as we try to become a healthy and well place for our students. The book is practical, well-written, and I highly recommend it.



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