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My thoughts after 60 years on this planet on family, public education, cooking, and life.

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On New Year’s Resolutions

What do I want said about me when I die? That was a question posed to me in Michael Hyatt’s   [...]   View Post →

Finding Wonder and Beauty in the Solstice Darkness

Twenty-three and a half degrees. Actually, is 23.4 degrees, but let’s not get too technical. It’s going to change anyway.   [...]   View Post →

The Search for Blame

It has been a week since we learned about the horrific Oxford High School shooting. A good friend of mine   [...]   View Post →

Our Favorite Holiday is Here

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! The Thanksgiving Tree is up in our home, both of my sons are coming home, and we   [...]   View Post →

The Crazy Costs of College, and a Great Weekend at Colorado School of Mines

He’s a little taller, and his sense of humor has gotten even better. Of course, that’s coming from me, a   [...]   View Post →

Halloween, Closed Drawers, and Empty Nests

Halloween is a big deal in our neighborhood. Our area is one of the few places in Malibu where streets   [...]   View Post →

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