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My thoughts after 60 years on this planet on family, public education, cooking, and life.

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Pursuing Happiness: The Art of Vacationing

I suffered just enough. A while back, as I prepared for our every-other-year bike trip, I wrote that I had   [...]   View Post →

Yogi Berra Would Not Have Liked Malibu Summers

No one goes to Malibu, my home since 1993, in the summer. It’s way too crowded. OK – that’s a   [...]   View Post →

Leaving the Cave

I find myself relating to the dad in The Croods movie, a cave man named Grug. Like me, he loves   [...]   View Post →

Why Isn’t Independence Day Always on a Monday?

I hope you all had a nice Independence Day weekend. If I were making the rules, Independence Day would always   [...]   View Post →

Failing at Retirement – Parts One and Two

I have loved not working. Transitioning from a 60 to 80-hour work week to a 0-hour work week was easier   [...]   View Post →

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before

Why do I write these blog posts? There are many reasons. I do love telling stories. One of my beliefs   [...]   View Post →

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