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My thoughts after 60 years on this planet on family, public education, cooking, and life.

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California Rains, Games, and Acceptance

(Alternate Title: Everything Important in Life is Explained by Tetris) So much rain in California! It’s wonderful for our drought-ridden   [...]   View Post →

2023 in One Word

I hope your new year is going well so far. One of the joys of publishing semi-regular posts on this   [...]   View Post →

Reflections on Perfections of 2022

Perfection is fleeting, but I do believe that it exists. Or at least moments of near-perfection, as even Mary Poppins   [...]   View Post →

Assorted Thanksgiving Thoughts – Trees, Burritos, Drumsticks, and More

Kudos to all of the school districts who now have no school during the week of Thanksgiving. If the worst   [...]   View Post →

Veterans Day 2022

One of the simple pleasures in my life is putting up the United States flag in front of our house   [...]   View Post →

Pickleball Fever

I write a lot about my efforts to avoid getting older as I get older, and I remain steadfastly committed   [...]   View Post →

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