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Where You Go is Not Who You’ll Be

Frank Bruni 2015
Read: 2016
Education/Leadership, Non-Fiction, Reading Now

I became interested in this book after reading about Palo Alto High School and some of the suicide tragedies that occurred in that school in the last ten years. The   […]   View Post →

Winter of the World

Ken Follett 2012
Read: 2013

If you liked the Fall of Giants (I did), then you will like this one too. The same families in the first book now witness the rise of the Third Reich, World War   […]   View Post →


Douglas Richards 2012
Read: 2014

A thoroughly enjoyable bio-tech thriller of a book. Gene therapy and the search for immortality all wrapped up in a who is the really bad guy thriller.    

WordPress to Go

Sarah McHarry 2013
Read: 2016

This is a very quick read for me as I try to figure out how to use the web and blogs to get some of my ideas across. I have   […]   View Post →

Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Smart, Sexy, and Fit – Until You’re 80 and Beyond

Read: 2022

Younger Next Year is a book I keep coming back to. I forget who first turned me on to it, but I read it in my mid-fifties, and it continues   […]   View Post →

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Robert Pirsig 1975
Read: 2015

I picked up this book again when a friend of mine undertook an up-and-down the Pacific coast motorcycle ride (actually, it was a Malibu to Bend, Oregon and back motorcycle   […]   View Post →