The Obesity Code

Jason Fung 2016
Read: 2017

I am always on a quest for better fitness. I know that if I let up, I will get big. When I was a principal, my PTA president Carolyn would see me leaving the pool in the morning and say, “Stay on it. No fat principals.” Nice. This is a book that talks about the radical idea (not really that radical) that if we eat when we’re not hungry that creates a problem. Much of America just does not get hungry. There is food everywhere, and we are always encouraged to snack. Fung views the idea of eating six meals a day as lunacy. In fact, his recommendation is to eat two meals a day as often as possible and sometimes just one. He’s a big fan of fasting. It gets our body back into the cycle it’s supposed to be in. There is lots of controversy in this book, but again, good insight for me as I stay mostly vigilant in my task to be fit.



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