Golfing with God: A Novel of Heaven and Earth

Roland Merullo 2005
Read: 2022
Fiction, Spirtuality

I bought this book because I loved Roland Merullo’s Breakfast with Buddha, and I love golf. Not nearly as impactful as the Breakfast book, but light and enjoyable. The idea of deities caring about sports such as baseball and golf is a so far fetched in my book, but again, fun to read.

My favorite line: “I should have seen that the human mind is all knotted up by a two-colored rope: hope and fear.” Isn’t that the truth? If we could just be in the moment, and not worry about the meaning of the moment, we would all be happier and better. I’ll let you know when I figure it out. But as of today, a 3-foot putt where $1 or a certain score are at stake gets my heart beating higher than it should. I’m a work in progress.

You can purchase the book here.

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